Board Meeting of the Barbet Club of America

Minutes of March 30, 2017

The Board members of the Barbet Club of America (BCA) met via phone.

In attendance:  Judy Descutner, President; Leslie Woodward, Vice President; Lynn Vogt-Kinsey, Treasurer; and Barb Gresham, Secretary.  The meeting was called to order by Judy at 6:03pmET.

The minutes from 2/21/17 were reviewed.  One minor change was made in regards to membership renewal.  Once finalized, those minutes will be sent to the Board.  It was also recommended that finalized Board Meeting minutes should be forwarded to Angie Tena to be posted on the BCA website and available to the public.  Lynn moved to approve the revised minutes; Judy seconded.

Report of the President:

 Judy announced that the Barbet article has been submitted to ShowSight.  In the required 1200 words or less, the review of what makes a Barbet a Barbet will hopefully be accepted in the magazine’s feature on AKC miscellaneous breeds in April.  Fourteen photos were also submitted.

Report of the Vice President:

 Leslie has been working on the new logo for the club, which the Board agreed has turned out beautifully.
Judy and Leslie are finalizing the information to provide to the judges’ seminar in April.  They are also gathering photos, looking for a good mix of Barbet types to help the judges understand the breed standard.
Twenty to twenty-five judges are expected to attend this seminar, offered by the Mason-Dixon Judges’ Association.

Report of the Secretary:

 Barb previously submitted, along with the agenda, a final version of the letter to be sent to Barbet breeders who would like to advertise on the BCA website. (This was formerly offered free of charge.  There will now be a $100 annual fee)
Barb requested clarification regarding her duties as secretary, specifically if she was responsible for updating the membership list, responding to club emails, and notification of newly accepted members.  Response from the other board members was yes, responsible for new member notification and appropriate emails.  Barb will send out email notifications to those new members accepted thus far this year.

Report of the Treasurer:

 Lynn reported the following balances:  Bank of America-$3,625.36.  She was unable to access PayPal.  During the discussion, Judy was able to access PayPal and reported our PayPal balance at $4,237.42 for a total of $7,862.78.

Unfinished Business:

 Breeders’ letter:  The current letter was reviewed.  Judy suggested that it should be added that, up until now, breeders have been able to advertise free of charge.  Those who are currently listed on the website will be removed at the end of April if the fee is not received.  Once the annual fee is paid, that breeder’s listing will be re-posted on the BCA website.
Website Design:  Has been pending Board approval of the new logo and completion of corresponding graphics for uniformity.  These same graphics and logo will be used on handouts at judges’ education seminars and meet the breed events.  There have been some complaints by BCA members that some of the website links are not functioning.  Judy reported that most appear to be working well now and felt problems might be due to user error.
Open Show Update:  Nothing new to report.  The October 21-22 show in Wilmington, Ohio is still a good possibility for BCA to host one or more open shows.  Leslie suggested that the Midwest is a good locale as it may draw additional Barbet from Canada.  BCA needs to provide the insurance in order to get credit for hosting.  A good entry is needed to cover the cost of the insurance.  We are required by AKC (in our quest for full recognition) to host two open shows.  Judy stated we need to make this a priority and will talk with some Azawakh people to discuss possible collaboration.
Judges’ Education in April:  Leslie and Judy reported that their presentation is in good shape.  They will meet again the day before to finalize their material.  Both are bringing several Barbet to the seminar for judges to observe.

New Business:

 New Logo:  A photo of the new logo was sent out with the agenda prior to the meeting.  Barb moved to accept the beautiful new logo designed by Leslie; Lynn seconded the motion.
Editing of the By-laws of the Barbet Club of America:  Judy stated that the by-laws seem unnecessarily complicated and suggested that, prior to next month’s Board meeting, each Board member reviews the by-laws and suggest changes.  Once the Board is satisfied with the edited by-laws, the club members will be able to vote for approval.
Share from a conversation with an AKC judge at Louisville show:  Barb shared that she was approached by one of the Louisville judges who was staying at the same campground.  She (Sherry Webster from Tennessee) was very interested in meeting and learning about the Barbet.  She’d not yet seen them “in person.”  She reviewed the Barbet standard, spent some time with Barb’s two Barbet, and shared the form she uses when judging (form was sent out with agenda).
New Members up for acceptance:

 Tom Bierce, Tallmadge OH; sponsored by Lynn Vogt-Kinsey
Stephanie Forte, Sparta NJ; sponsored by Judy Descutner
Thomas Mousin, Winchester MA; sponsored by Leslie Woodward and Lynn Vogt-Kinsey.  Thomas recently acquired one of their puppies.  Leslie shared that all of their “puppy people” have joined the BCA and have expressed interest in getting involved in club activities.
Judy Singer, New York NY; sponsored by Leslie Woodward.

Lynn moved to accept all a new members.  Leslie seconded the motion.

Adjournment:  Next month’s Board meeting was set for April 27, 2017, time to be announced.  Lynn moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:42 pm ET.  Barb seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted

Barb Gresham,

Secretary, Barbet Club of America