Board Meeting of the Barbet Club of America

February 21, 2017

The Board members of the Barbet Club of America met via phone.

 In attendance:  Judy Descutner, President; Leslie Woodward, Vice President; Lynn Vogt-Kinsey, Treasurer; and Barb Gresham, Secretary.  The meeting was called to order at 8:02pm ET.

The minutes from 1/24/17 were reviewed.  Lynn moved to approve the minutes, Judy seconded. 

Report of President:

1)       Judy Descutner expressed her happiness at how many Barbets have been out in various events, particularly in conformation.  The judges have been enthusiastic to see new dog breeds.

2)     “ShowSight” (the dog show magazine) will feature the Miscellaneous breeds in their April issue.  This magazine is sent to every judge.  BCA is hoping they will offer the club an advertisement page to get the word out about our Barbets.  

Report of Vice President:

1)      The new backdrop was delivered in time for the Westminster Meet the Breed booth.  The second stand up display was approved February 20, 2017 and will be available for the judges’ education seminar in Maryland in April.

2)  Judy and Leslie are working on organizing the information to provide to the judges.  They are also working on an interpretation of the Barbet standard to use in their presentation.

3)  Twenty to twenty-five judges are expected to attend this April seminar, offered by Mason-Dixon Judges’ Association.  It is important to present “What makes a Barbet a Barbet?” 

Report of Secretary:

     Barb Gresham sent out membership renewal letters to all former members who have not yet renewed their membership to BCA.   

Report of Treasurer:

1)       Lynn Vogt-Kinsey reported the following balances:  Bank of America-$3854.89; PayPal-$3828.71 for a total of $7683.60.

2)      Discussion:  Leslie will forward the receipt for $480 for Barbet booth backdrop for reimbursement. 

Unfinished Business: 

                          1)   Membership is at 85 members.  March 1, 2017 is the deadline for membership dues.  We need to make one more appeal.  Judy will forward the list of outstanding members to Barb, who will send out a final renewal reminder email.

           2) Website Redo:  nothing urgent at this time.  The former website was destroyed by a virus.  The new website is up and running but the link for membership renewal is different.

            3) Judges’ Education:  see note #3 under Vice President’s report.

            4) Westminster Kennel Club Meet the Breeds:  Judy reported that the Barbet booth was very successful, though more overwhelming than in the past.  Five people plus dogs were in the booth, which was heavily attended throughout the day.  The booth looked terrific.  Everyone who helped was great.  A big thank you to Donna Forte and her daughter Stephanie, Tracy Schnabel, Judy and David Descutner.  Judy felt like our booth was missed or overlooked by the judges (no judges were seen visiting the booth).

            5) Open show in August at Roanoke Cluster:  Our arrangement is not officially undone yet, but this seems not to be a worthwhile endeavor due to superintendent’s requirements.  Leslie is looking into specialties being held in Northern Indiana in November to host our open/FSS show.  Northern Indiana is a great location as it may attract competitors from Canada.  In looking at which shows to use, we need to avoid those with MBF as superintendent or BCA won’t get credit.  The Northern Indiana show could potentially be a two day open show.  BCA needs to provide the insurance in order to get credit.  A good entry is needed to cover the cost of insurance.

 New Business:

1)      Breeders’ Listing on website:  There have been problems from the beginning regarding inclusion.  Parameters have been drawn up as prerequisites for inclusion on the website, including being a member of BCA, health testing, etc (outlined on website).  Breeders are filling out forms but not actually submitting required health testing information, Pawpeds info, etc.  Advertising with BCA is a valuable way for breeders to get credibility.  At least three forms submitted were not complete.  Discussion as to how to put ownership/accountability back on the breeders included initiating an annual fee to advertise on website, forms should include information as to how to submit litter info on Pawpeds, health testing differs in different countries.  Should foreign breeders pay a larger fee?  Canadians, because of currency exchange rate, automatically pay more.  Barb moved to make annual fee $100 USD; Lynn seconded the motion.  Fee was approved.  Barb will send out an email notice to breeders announcing new annual fee and reviewing prerequisites.

2)     New members:  Isabel Descutner, Pat Cohen, Betty Wiggins, Amy Churchill, and Margo Peters Jimmis were put before the board for acceptance as members in BCA.  Lynn moved to accept all into membership.  Leslie seconded the motion. 

A date for next month’s board meeting was not set at this time.  Lynn Vogt-Kinsey moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:06pm ET. Barb Gresham seconded the motion. 

Barb Gresham,  Secretary Barbet Club of America