Barbet Breeders

A purebred Barbet is registered with the American Kennel Club. This paperwork is your assurance of proper heritage.  Ask prospective breeders for copies of AKC FSS papers, registered names of sire and dam, and check out the health tests of the parents at 

Hickory Tavern Farm   Judy Descutner, Hickory, PA

Anam Chara   Leslie Woodward & Lynn Vogt-Kinsey, VT and WI

Ethelred  Ellen Rich, Sarasota, FL

Ginkgo  Stacy Able, Indianapolis, IN

Bluebonnet  Wendy Massey, Spring, TX
Blue Spruce  Mary Spies, Redwood, NY

Chateau, Eva Gellert, Dunwoody, GA

Choosing a Barbet Breeder

Choosing the “right” Barbet breeder is an individual choice based on your goals, puppy availability, recommendations, etc.  Ideally, you will have a relationship with the breeder for the life of your dog.  The AKC Responsible Breeder Fact page includes Breeder Interview Questions to help you with the process. Talk with several breeders and their references.

The Barbet Club of America has enlisted high standards for the breeders listed on the club website, and regular checks are made to ensure that breeders are meeting these voluntary requirements. To be listed on the Barbet Club of America website as a Breeder, each breeder has submitted a signed agreement stating:

  • They are a member in good standing with the club for a minimum of one year.
  • They breed sound and healthy dogs whose permanent health tests for eyes (both a physical exam by a board certified Ophthalmologist PLUS a DNA prcd PRA test), elbows, and hips are listed publicly on the OFA website or appropriate foreign database. PRA carrier x carrier breedings are strongly discouraged.
  • All US born litters and puppies must be individually registered with AKC. International breeders shall encourage puppies to be registered with AKC.
  • All litter information will be submitted to the Pawpeds pedigree database for inclusion.
  • Permanently identify their puppies with microchip or tattoo so that they can always be linked to their breeding program, and agree to take back or help rehome any dog that they have bred that comes into our rescue or needs another placement.
  • Provide guidance to their puppy families and encourage them to join our club.
  • No puppies will be offered for sale to pet stores, mail order houses, catalog sales, live auction, contest sponsors or raffles, etc. Puppies should be personally sold to their permanent home.
  • They must be regularly active in our club by participating in Meet the Breeds events, submitting articles for the newsletter, holding Board or Committee positions, volunteering to help with events, showing at AKC events, etc. The BCA does not recommend specific barbet breeders. The breeders on our list are members in good standing and have been BCA members for a minimum of one year. It is the buyer’s responsibility to research and select a breeder of his/her choice.

Interested in owning your own Barbet?  Please remember that this is an extremely rare breed and breeders will not readily have puppies available. The demand far exceeds the demand for puppies.

BCA Breeder Members who wish to be included in this list should contact the club for a listing agreement.